Sunday, 23 February 2014

What I've been up to, including my Etsy shop!

...So I was debating whether to continue with this blog or just put everything in my Pirate Treasures one, as all my Emporium things were on the website anyway. But then last summer I decided to open an Emporium of Curiosities shop on Etsy as well. So after much deliberating, I decided to do another post here and see how it goes! Not that I have that many followers and I was never the best at updating my blogs anyway...

My Emporium of Curiosities Etsy shop opened last summer and is a mixture of ACEOs, gift tags, cards, decorated wooden things and "assemblage" jewellery - made from a concoction of vintage finds and reclaimed broken jewellery.

Here's a few examples of paper and wooden things from the shop

ACEO vintage style

Paris gift tags

Decorated wooden box
Steampunk art

Altered key cabinet
 To see the jewellery, I've done a couple of posts on my Pirate Treasures blog here
I am not great at remembering to post on that one too, but you never know, I might get into the swing of it! I already have my next post idea planned for this blog!!


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