Friday, 27 May 2011

Challenge 52 - week 8 - Gift Tags

Well I have managed to keep on track despite events which threatened to destroy my plans! OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but (take a deep breath as I might forget punctuation) we discovered a gas leak from the newly fitted hob, which meant I had to call the emergency number and a man came out and capped the meter as he couldn't get to the valve and pipes of the hob which were handily hidden behind the new kitchen cupboards. So I had to leave the window open and the back door and stay out of the room - as it's a kitchen/dining room and also my workspace I couldn't get anything made. A gas fitter from Homebase came in the evening, fixed the leak (the valve hadn't been tightened when installing the new hob) and it was all done by 8pm without the house blowing up. Phew!

Sooo, I got on with it and made two new sets of gift tags as I planned and therefore completed this week's Challenge - hurrah!! I'm not sure if I'm putting them in my Folksy shop, saving them for when I sort out the website or taking them for my stall at the fetes I'm doing. I'll attempt to make some more things by next week to build up a bit more stock.

By the way, is it just my screen or is the font I'm typing in the 'new post' box a completely different size to how it appears when published? Looking back at my posts the font seems so much smaller and more difficult to read. Here's a question then, Large or normal? Seems to be a huge difference! Answers on a postcard...or comment form would be easier, thanks!


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Challenge 52 - weeks 5-7: not keeping up!

Oh, well my plan once again went awry! I have neglected the poor Emporium whilst concentrating on my Pirate Treasures jewellery side. I knew this wouldn't work, having two blogs for two personalities! I've got the dates I should be blogging relating to each Week of the Challenge 52 year (from when I started) in my notebook, but there are big gaps between the last one and this week!
Right well this week my Challenge to myself was to upload photos to my Facebook page because I realised I hadn't got round to updating the photo albums. It doesn't take long, but I appear to have a brain like a sieve at the moment and if it isn't written on a list I'll forget to do it! Or sometimes even if it is on a list I'll still forget!
I have plenty of ideas floating about my head, but I know I should be stricter with "work" time and not get distracted looking at yet more lovely stamps and reading arty blogs on the internet - I have spent quite a lot of money over the last year on stamps, inks, tools etc (I haven't added it up for the tax forms yet!!) so really need to get a move on and try to sell more stuff!!
I'm planning on taking a few cards and gift tags to the fetes I have a jewellery stall at this summer, just to see how that goes. Mind you I usually cram my table full anyway so that depends if I have room! Hmm, so that means I have to actually make some more...
Next Challenge then is to make at least 2 sets of gift tags in the next 3 days, which is when Week 8 is due to be blogged!!
Come back on Friday to see if I've managed it!