Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Challenge 52 - week 2

I have accomplished some things this week...

I have added a cool little "Challenge 52" logo that Abi at Birdcage Creative made me to the side of my blog. If you look closely it has my website address in it!

I have just added a Flickr Photostream to the side of the blog too. That took ages of Googling until I found somewhere that showed me there was a gadget on Blogger if I had clicked on 'featured' in the first place. Took about 5 seconds to add once I'd found it!
Of course the next thing I need to do is remember to keep adding photos to Flickr. Maybe that can be an ongoing bit of the challenge - if I don't remember to add things as I go along, I can do a once a week upload.

[Edited] I have also just added the Networked Blogs app to add blog updates to Facebook. Hopefully!!

This week for my Folksy shop I have made a couple of cards and an ACEO.

So the next bit of the Challenge for me is to add the rest of my photos to Flickr. Not very exciting, but something I can tick off the "to do" list!



  1. hey, nice post - loving the gramaphone card!
    Abi x

  2. Nice to come accross someone else taking part in the Challenge 52! Thanks for your comment on my last post, I have updated it with photos and a recipe as requested! The link is below in case you want to take a look :-)



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