Friday, 17 June 2011

Challenge 52 - week 10 - new card & gift tags

It's fairly quiet in the Emporium at the moment, as I'm preparing for the start of the Summer Fete season with my jewellery. I have three local fetes lined up so have been stocktaking and making as many new things as I can - better to be overflowing than run out!
If it's a dry and non-windy day I might bring along a few cards and gift tags with me and see if we can fit them on the table. I thought the large luggage label tags might be able to be sold as bookmarks individually. I'm always having children with not much money wanting to buy something, so maybe I can interest them in a hand stamped bookmark with ribbon!

I've made eight so far and will endeavour to make a few more once I've got all the jewellery sorted. I've got a week to go...

I listed a card on Folksy this week, blank for all occasions!

 Week 11 blog update is due in a couple of days, let's see if I can get anything new done by then!

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